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The Quinoa Quandary

Ten years ago, few of us had heard of quinoa, let alone knew how to pronounce it (KEEN-wah). Now it’s touted as a healthful source of amino acids (proteins) and minerals, ideal for vegetarians and those on a gluten-free diet. … Continue reading

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What We Owe the Earth

Eve Ingalls is on an archaeological dig. She is examining the surface of the earth, and what we have done to it. Whether working in sculpture, paint, or drawing, she is redrawing the earth, with its scarred surfaces, showing us … Continue reading

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There Are Places I Remember

We are at a train station, looking at the back of a woman  sitting on her valise, waiting. Alongside her are newspaper drop boxes: the New York Post and the Trentonian calling out “Mother’s Day Blood Bath.” In another photograph, … Continue reading

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Master of Merz

Try this at home: Go out for a walk, gather up a few objects of detritus – say, a discarded key, unidentifiable metal disks, feathers, a paint can lid – and bring them home to combine with scraps of old … Continue reading

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The World of Tomorrow

Entering the galleries of Princeton University Art Museum, one is greeted at first by familiar sights: Monet’s “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge” and Toulouse Lautrec’s “The Sacred Grove” – both landscapes in the traditional sense. Nobody’s Property, on view through … Continue reading

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Open Laboratory

Last week, while visiting the Princeton University Art Museum to write about the Pictures of Pictures exhibit curated by Joel Smith, I ran into Lucy Graves McVicker. (Read more about her here.) Not only is she an extraordinary artist, but … Continue reading

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Art on the Way

Inspired by fellow blogger Adam Grybowski, I walked to work today, and in my backpack I carried soup made only from vegetables I either grew myself or purchased from the West Windsor Farmers Market where I bike every Saturday. Walking … Continue reading

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