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Method Number Two: Christina’s World

Here’s another way to draw large crowds to a museum: Take a popular painting, like Andrew Wyeth‘s “Christina’s World,” and create an exhibit around it — even if you can’t get the actual painting! (In fact, the painting’s traveling days … Continue reading

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Drawing on Henry Moore

“[Drawing] is a deep, strong fundamental struggle to find oneself…” –Henry Moore When we think of Henry Moore, we think of his sculptures that reinvent the human body, undulating forms of women and children, often with holes or cavities. Of … Continue reading

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Cat at Night

About a year and a half ago, I was initiating a new journal, trying to overcome clean-new-journal writer’s block, when I came across a postcard that had the cover of Dahlov Ipcar’s “The Cat at Night” cover illustration on it. … Continue reading

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Space Travel

While in Bath, Maine, I stopped in at Judson Pottery. I had passed the sign for it before but it was never open during my visits, so was excited to see the “open today” sign out front. I was expecting … Continue reading

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Smoke and Fire

This painting by Paul Rickert reminds me of driving to Newark Airport and seeing the oil refineries spewing gaseous chemicals into the sky. Although sinfully polluting and akin to the sinuses of our overly wasteful society, there is nevertheless an … Continue reading

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Postcard from Maine on a Blue Moon

In Maine, your fortitude is measured by how many winters you’ve endured here. On the day we arrived, in late December, the sun shone so strongly that we had to take our coats off while we were out for a … Continue reading

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Beauty of the Seasons

Thanksgiving kicks off this special time of the year when we look inside ourselves. As the light is dying outside, the candle still burns within us, and what a wonderful time of the year to be sentimental and view magnificent … Continue reading

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Monhegan Scenery

Stockton artist Jerry Cable recently returned from Maine and will host his second annual exhibit, Island Magic II, in his studio in Stockton, through Oct. 18. The exhibit will feature recent oil paintings of Monhegan Island and Coastal Maine. His … Continue reading

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Circular Thinking

One can only imagine the fun Mary Bundy and Tom George (see post) must have together, traveling to the Southwest and Maine and painting their magnificent colorful works, often with a circle (as in the sun) as a theme. The … Continue reading

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New York Cool

Pictured here is Kenneth Noland’s 1958 oil on canvas, “Spread,” which will be part of an exhibit, New York Cool, at the Bowdoin College Art Museum opening April 17 — regrettably, after I’ve returned to New Jersey. It will focus … Continue reading

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