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Expression in Stone

Visitors to Grounds For Sculpture observe how Magdalena Abakanowicz’s “Space of Stone”–a work that itself conveys a greater power–is enhanced by the long shadows of the sun sitting low in the sky. Part of a series that includes major installations in … Continue reading

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Where Money Grows on Trees

Utopia; paradise; Shangri-la.  Abundance. Lush tropical forest. Grounds For Sculpture, with its fantastical artwork, opulent gardens and peacocks strutting their stuff, is a nice place to site a utopia. And artist Ming Fay has done just that. Canutopia, a name … Continue reading

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Merry Old Sole

Willie Cole’s artistic training began in the 1960s: with his dollar-a-week allowance, the Newark native visited S. Klein’s Department Store and bought model kits of plastic cars and superheroes. He’d put them together according to the directions – but that … Continue reading

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It’s Groundhog’s Day, Cats and Kittens

WHYY’s You Bet Your Garden host Mike McGrath will appear at Grounds For Sculpture Sunday, Feb. 5, at noon to talk about – what else? – composting! Learn why a compost bin filled with kitchen scraps will still be  a … Continue reading

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Grounds For Sculpture’s Visionary Guru

A few years ago, during the Great Recession, I had a nightmare that Grounds For Sculpture had lost its funding, and the sculpture park was covered with cobwebs. It looked like the abandoned amusement park in the 1972 film The … Continue reading

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Dancing with Fire

Some artists never grow up. Thank god. By preserving the child within, they help us survive this brutal world, with its tornadoes, hurricanes, e. coli outbreaks and drawer-dropping congressmen. Seeing the whimsical work of sculptors Dana Stewart and Francois Guillemin … Continue reading

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Poet with an Ax

It’s mating season for the peacocks. They strut their magnificent plumage and call out like a cat that got its tail  stuck in the elevator — not quite as seductive to the human ear as to the peahen’s. James Surls … Continue reading

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From Bakelite to Marble

Remember the rotary phone? Round about the time of the Studebaker, these solid black machines with a dial were the common denominator in telecommunications until the 1962 World’s Fair, when the Touch Tone phone was introduced. The rotary’s dial, about … Continue reading

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Shades of My Mother in the Basement

I have written about Aylin Green before, and am a fan of her work, so I feel bad about getting around to this blog post on the last day of her exhibit Lovers and Other Strangers at the Fleetwing Gallery … Continue reading

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Fun with Clay

Mitch Lyons is one of the pioneers of clay monoprints. He’ll be offering a clay monoprint intensive workshop at Grounds For Sculpture Aug. 27. Can’t make the workshop? Visit Mr. Lyons’ website for a slideshow demonstration. Here’s the basic technique: … Continue reading

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