Welcome to The Artful Blogger, where Ilene Dube writes about the arts of the greater Princeton area, including Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ilene Dube is an award-winning writer, editor, filmmaker, artist, curator and arts promoter. Her writing has been featured on WHYY Public Media, Hyperallergic, Sculpture magazine, Princeton magazine and many others.

“She responds to art on so many levels from the top of her head clear down to her feet. She can be highly intellectual and very basic. Her questions pulled me in so many interesting directions relative to different moments in my life. She caused me to make a few connections with the past that I have never thought  of.  I loved meeting with her.”  

Eve Ingalls, artist

“(Ilene has) the ability to empower people to imagine, visually, and the ability to show them what to look for. These are rare gifts. They’re what arts criticism is really all  about – not gate keeping , but gate opening.”

— Michael Redmond, editor/critic



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  1. reretro says:

    i have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award, because…it’s one lovely blog!

    I am posting the award on 3rd september, so please go to my blog to read about the award, what the conditions are, and if you wish to accept the award.

    i think you should!


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