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Petal Skirts and Pantaluna Chicks

This past spring, Princeton got a sampling of the artist Illia Barger: Wearing paint-splattered coveralls, she worked from up on a scissor lift to create a mural on the wall of Terra Momo Bread Co. “Continuum” commemorates the Herban Garden, … Continue reading

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Gift of the gods

It’s hot, really hot. Perhaps the heat is playing tricks with my mind, and I forget why I’ve come to the Princeton University Art Museum. Greeting me are alien figures from a time either long ago or far into the … Continue reading

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‘Valentin, C’est Moi’: The Art of Play

Being a parent gives adults license to play. In parenting Valentin, Thibaud Thiercelin finds the playful inspiration that pervades his canvases. Valentin is the center of Thiercelin’s universe. When Thiercelin and his wife, the artist Lisa Salamandra, learned that young … Continue reading

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With Natural Mellowing Agents

Tis the season for ketchup. You could grow your own tomatoes and create a thick red sap. Or, you could buy locally crafted artisanal ketchup. This is ketchup you want to dip your spoon into and eat from the jar. … Continue reading

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Pioneer in Paper

Great artists have a history of flourishing in groups: Think Paris in the 1920s, or New York’s Algonquin Round Table. Princeton, too, has had its share of artist collectives. In the 1960s, a group of women formed an art circle … Continue reading

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Mayumi Sarai’s ‘Ring Cycle’

When an artist works in more than one medium, patterns and themes translate from one to another. For Mayumi Sarai, whose work is on view at the New Jersey State Museum through August 6, the common element in both her … Continue reading

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Environmental Riches in New Jersey

OK, New Yorkers, I have one thing to say to you: What exit? Now that we have a park in our Garden State that is three times the size of your Central Park, we know you bridge-and-tunnel types will be … Continue reading

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