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Stories to Tell

Dragonflies, luna moths, the phoenix, purple orchids, mermaids, centaurs and other mysterical creatures populate the artwork of Idaherma Williams. The Franklin Township resident’s prints and paintings take us where no plane will go, but they do take us where trains … Continue reading

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From Bakelite to Marble

Remember the rotary phone? Round about the time of the Studebaker, these solid black machines with a dial were the common denominator in telecommunications until the 1962 World’s Fair, when the Touch Tone phone was introduced. The rotary’s dial, about … Continue reading

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Master of Merz

Try this at home: Go out for a walk, gather up a few objects of detritus – say, a discarded key, unidentifiable metal disks, feathers, a paint can lid – and bring them home to combine with scraps of old … Continue reading

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