City at Night

You may have to enlarge it to see the detail, but the bridge connecting Lambertville, NJ, to New Hope, PA, is teeming with people watching the fireworks over the Delaware River. Lambertville is beautiful any time of the day, but Russ Poles of Hunterdon County finds its quiet beauty at night. His River Towns at Night can be seen at Orchard Hill, 22 North Union St.,  Lambertville, through January 1, 2011. It makes me think of some of the paintings by Robert Beck of Lambertville at night.

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1 Response to City at Night

  1. Linda McManus says:

    Love the hidden aspect of this image. Upon first glance you think it’s just a beautiful bridge landscape at night, then upon further inspection, there is a whole other layer of imagery with the people on the bridge, quite remarkable…. great story, great capture.

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