Through the Lens of Transcendent Realism

Artists everywhere seem to understand that laundry blowing in the breeze on a sunny day is a beautiful thing. So why is it that launderers don’t get it? Why do so many people use dryers, when hanging clothes on the line is cheaper, consumes less energy from fossil fuels, smells delightful, and adds beauty and character to the landscape?

Go figure. At least painter Alex Cohen of Newtown, Pa., gets it. He studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania, and likes working both from life and imagination to create oil paintings that stumble upon meaning beyond their subject matter.

“Each of my paintings is an investigation that seeks to find a wordless resolution on the paintings’ terms,” says Mr. Cohen.  “These sorts of investigations make familiar subjects feel unfamiliar, and unfamiliar subjects feel suddenly familiar.” This can lead to a collection of work that doesn’t seem connected by any one style or approach, but an attention to the craft of painting.

Mr. Cohen will talk about his artwork as part of the Artsbridge Distinguished Artists Series Sept. 19th,  7 p.m. The lecture, Through the Lens of Transcendent Realism,  will be held at the RiverRun Gallery at the Lace Works Building, 287 South Main St., Lambertville.

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1 Response to Through the Lens of Transcendent Realism

  1. I am a huge fan of Alex Cohens work, outside the box a bit, just enough to add interest and personality.

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