To Paint or Not to Paint

The other day I went to visit my friend Janet Purcell in Hopewell. (Her painting, at left, is titled “Freeze Dried.”) Jan’s house could be in Vermont, surrounded as it is by woods. Her sunny spaces are just like her paintings, and her favorite room, where she served me lunch, is the screened-in porch with that view of the woods.

It was my first time visiting her studio, and her canvases of sensual flower close-ups, Cape Cod scenes, shore birds and woodsy landscapes fill the house — they are on all the walls and fill the neatly organized room she keeps her studio in.

In addition to painting and maintaining her beautiful garden, Jan writes a weekly column for The Trenton Times, is at work on her second novel, travels and spends time with her grandchildren. She admitted she hadn’t picked up her paintbrush since a recent exhibit she had at the Chapin School. “I have so many paintings,” she said.

I have visited many artists whose studios are filled with paintings, but the drive to create keeps them going. And so, Jan, my vote for you is: Keep painting! Keep creating your world!

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3 Responses to To Paint or Not to Paint

  1. Trudy Nash says:

    What a beautiful way to describe this woman that I know, this house that I know, this back porch that I know, and even this painting that I know. She also makes wonderful soup! I’ve admired my long time, dear friend as she continually paints and sculpts her personal environment with graceful objects from nature and vivid colors from her paint palette. No, she won’t stop painting, nor writing, nor making soup, nor finding one more creative way to express her love of life.

  2. Susan Broadnix says:

    The only thing missing from the scene are the deer that frequent the yard and Buddy the cat waiting hopefully for a mouse to appear.
    The beauty of my cousin’s life is that she is continually carving new facets into it – from her paintings to her writings to her travels and on and on……and she still has time for her family and friends. I wonder where she finds the energy? I wish I had half of it. She is one person that will constantly find inspiration from someone/something new and continue to be an inspiration to all who know her.

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