Modern and Contemporary

Princeton University Art Museum has made a major commitment to modern and contemporary art by appointing Kelly Baum the first Haskell Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Previously assistant curator of contemporary art at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin, Ms. Baum arrived in Princeton in 2007 and worked with Curator of Photography Joel Smith on Body Memory, featuring 20th- and 21st-century works of art that focus on the body as subject, medium, or expressive device.

Visitors will experience the additional fruits of her labor in the fall when the major exhibition Nobody’s Property: Art, Land, Space, 2000-2010 opens. Nobody’s Property will show the  emergence of a new generation of land artists, with a focus on art made in the United States, Mexico, Turkey and the Middle East. A scholarly catalog edited by Mr. Baum will accompany the exhibit.

She is also curator of the upcoming exhibition Doug Aitken: Migration (Empire), which will be installed in front of the museum beginning in late August. Projected onto a custom-designed billboard, calling to mind the highways that gave birth to the motel, the video will be on view from dusk to 11 p.m. every evening, reflecting on the experience of migration.  And she has developed an international artist-in-residency program.

Nobody’s Property: Art, Land, Space, 2000-2010 (Oct. 23 – Feb. 20, 2011) will explore the development of land and space as pressing subjects for artistic investigation and include work by a new generation of environmental artists: Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Francis Alÿs, Yael Bartana, Andrea Geyer, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Emre Hüner, Matthew Day Jackson, Lucy Raven, and Santiago Sierra. Using media that range from video and photography to digital animation, performance, and assemblage, these artists explore the economic, geopolitical and phantasmatic conditions of land and space.

Pictured, above, is August 6th, 1945, burnt wood and lead, by Matthew Day Jackson (American, born 1974).

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1 Response to Modern and Contemporary

  1. Lucy McVicker says:

    Ilene – Thank you for giving me more information about these coming shows at the Art Museum. I (along with many other docents) will be
    giving tours, and your “blog” will entice readers to come see the
    shows. Thanks! Lucy

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