Open Laboratory

Last week, while visiting the Princeton University Art Museum to write about the Pictures of Pictures exhibit curated by Joel Smith, I ran into Lucy Graves McVicker. (Read more about her here.) Not only is she an extraordinary artist, but she is a docent at the museum and paid me the highest compliment by suggesting that I, too, become a docent. “You have an ‘eye,'” she said. Me blushing.

As well as being an admirer of hers for more than two decades, I also took watercolor classes with Ms. McVicker, both at Princeton Adult School and privately. Way way back, Ms. McVicker was experimenting with the medium, using it in ways I’d never seen any other watercolorist do, and combining it with other media. This coming weekend, she’s inviting us into her laboratory. She will give a demonstration of watercolor with rice paper collage (such as her “Ancient History” pictured here) June 12, 12:30 p.m., in the empty store next to Ace Hardware at the Princeton Shopping Center.

That’s where the Garden State Watercolor Society is having its art sale through June 27. Additional demonstrations will be given by Norma Griffith, Maxwell Nimeck, Fran Franklin and Suzanne Hunt. Hours for the exhibitions are Thurs. noon-8 p.m. and Fri. through Sun. noon-5 p.m. Artist demonstrations will occur each Saturday afternoon, with a drawing for the artists’ demo paintings.

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2 Responses to Open Laboratory

  1. Dear Ilene,

    I absolutely agree with Lucy – indeed you are docent material, you with your artist’s eye (and she left out ‘soul’, simply because she assumes everyone exhibits one, because Lucy does).

    She probably never lets anyone know that she and Charles and Dottie Bissell founded Princeton Artists Alliance way way way long ago, and it’s still going strong – in fact, stronger and stronger.

    What a charming post this is, and how it lights my day. As you always do.


  2. Lucy McVicker says:

    Dear Ilene,

    Wow! I had not-a-great-day today, and reading your blog made my
    day. Thank you.

    Big hug, Lucy

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