Showhouse Can-Can

Here’s a picture of Yardley, Pa., artist Silvere Boureau with his rendering of Toulouse-Lautrec’s famous poster of Jane Avril, the can-can dancer of Paris’ Moulin Rouge. Mr. Boureau has re-created Jane on the attic ceiling of the Junior League’s Designer Showhouse, Woodacres, in Skillman (see previous post on Woodacres gallery).

Mr. Boureau is off to the Hamptons, where he is working on a mural, but here’s what he wrote before he left:
“(Designer) Christy Ross’ theme for the room is an entertainment center with big screen and projector. I painted five different images inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, some are copies, some have differences of colors and proportions.For example, Jane Avril had to be in a rectangle much narrow than the original, therefore she is much thinner, like a fashion drawing.”

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1 Response to Showhouse Can-Can

  1. Sylvere never ceases to amaze! He’s a delight as an artist and as a person, as I know from his presence in D&R Greenway shows. Ilene, thank you for bringing this man’s playful excellence to everyone’s attention! It takes not only nerve but also great skill to dare to copy a master such as Henri…

    Always grateful for these posts!


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