West Comes East

Sarah J. Webber is one of a group of artists in West Comes East at the Artful Deposit in Bordentown, May 1 to June 6.

Ms. Webber grew up in St. Paul, Minn., and earned a fine arts degree in vocal performance. After moving to  Jackson Hole, Wy,  she became interested in oil painting after meeting  local artists. She took workshops and in the 1990s  furthered her art studies at Scottsdale (Arizona) Artist School. In 2001, after spending nearly 10 years working in art galleries, she began to explore the idea of painting full time. Her paintings of  barnyard animals, a subject matter she loves, were popular with collectors.

She starts with drawing, then pushes around the paint.  She also likes to play with color, surface quality, design and simplified form.  Sarah`s influences include deceased masters N. C. Wyeth, Frank Tenney Johnson, William Herbert Dunton,  W. R. Leigh, Bob Kuhn, living artists Peggi Kroll Roberts and landscape painter Glenn Dean.  She divides her time between Arizona and Jackson Hole, WY.

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One Response to West Comes East

  1. Carolyn Foote Edelmann says:

    Dear Ilene,

    Thank you for calling attention to Artful Deposit, always a potpourri, a kaleidoscope of strong regional artists’ work.

    I treasure that historic town (especially its Bonaparte connection, and the MARSH, of course!), and never miss a chance to visit Artful Deposit.

    In this West Comes East exhibition, one of the artists will be Marge Levine, who has exhibited here at D&R Greenway on a number of blessed occasions. She’s multi-faceted – I didn’t know Marge had a western perspective. Looking forward to this.

    Best, Carolyn

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