Sea Change

Jan Purcell is my colleague over at the crosstown paper — she’s been writing about visual arts at The Trenton Times for at least 15 years. She leads the ideal life: Her holy trinity is writing about art, making art and writing fiction. She also travels all over and writes about her adventures. All the while, the Hopewell resident keeps a summer place in Cape Cod. So that’s where this painting, “Sea Change,” was created.

The Gallery At Chapin, 4101 Princeton Pike, Princeton, is exhibiting her Cape Cod paintings in Splash, March 29-April 30, with an opening reception April 7, 5-7 p.m.

For the past two years, Hopewell Township artist, Janet Purcell, has been building a collection of beach scenes and seascapes with this exhibition in mind.  The paintings on display grew out of time spent in all seasons at the home on Cape Cod where she and her partner, Bob Cary, go for relaxation and replenishment.

She captures clammers on the Brewster Flats, gulls working, and beach walkers.  Included is a late-night clam bake, colorful kyacks pulled up on the shore of Seymour Pond in Harwich, and Hobie Cats sailing out from the rocky shores of Hyannisport.  There’s a snow squall coming in off Nantucket Sound, a lazy day in the sun on Breakwater Beach, and a dory abandoned in the golden grasses at pond side in Chatham.

Rounding out the exhibit are paintings of her beach days at the Jersey shore, trips to the Caribbean and Nova Scotia, and visits to her daughter’s home on the coast of Maine.

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