Strange Bloom

A n n e l i e s  v a n  D o m m e l e n’s  Strange Blooms and is hanging at Secondhand Sam’s on Church Street, Lambertville, through April. (Hours: Wed.-Sun. 11 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Writes Ms. van Dommelen: “I have been working on this strange bloom series  for several years, partially because of the way I work, with oil glazes and built up surfaces and partly because I work in many mediums and many ideas all the time.

The main idea behind the paintings is a dedication to nature. I have never been a copier of nature but having grown up enveloped by it, my work is informed by all the textures, shapes and colors of the ultimate beauty of the natural world. For some reason my attraction goes more toward the bizarre, the tropical and the carnivorous plant lives. The design and engineering of these plants intrigue me, and the line within their forms seem to be more fluid , scrolling, pointed and serious… I have never been a painter of posies in a vase. Some drama needs to attend my paintings. Some of the paintings are embossed first or sculpted to add other
dimensions to the work. Sculptural tendencies have enraptured me and as always I am
attracted to detail so that the viewer has distance but when close up, more can been

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