Spirit of the Season

It’s that time of the year again, and I have two words to say – bah, humbug.

Call me Scrooge if you like, but every year I want to go far, far away for the holidays and not have to hear any of that music, see the decorations or hear about the spirit of the season.

Granted, December is a very depressing time of the year, dying light and all. We living creatures need an infusion of artificial light, tinsel, merrymaking and feasts to get us through the season.

But Christmas is an environmental catastophe, with all that manufactured plastic wrapped in bubble wrap and shrink wrap and gobs of paper with toxic bows, all winding up in the landfill in early January.
Holiday decorations? Bah, humbug. My house is cluttered enough already, the idea of garlands and wreaths and holiday potpourri makes me sneeze. And I don’t need an enormous tree taking up precious space.
Secret Santa and Pollyanna? Bah, humbug. One more holiday obligation, one more trip to the mall. I don’t do malls.

Maybe, for the sake of the environment, its not too late to simply turn the holidays off this year. Yes, yes, it’s about giving – but let’s give food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, a reprieve for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. And let’s give our planet the gift of no more excess trash.

Illustration of Scrooge, above, by Gennady Spirin — now there’s a Christmas spirit I really admire. Read about him here.

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