Less is More

Moments in Time, a collection of new mixed media works by Joy Barth, will be on view at the Nassau Club, 6 Mercer St., Princeton, through Jan. 9.

“My new work is a continued exploration of a singular moment in time,” writes Ms. Barth. “These new works are printed , painted with calligraphic elements presented by incorporating collage and sand. The Zen series has evolved through experimentation and a desire to expand upon an ongoing theme with less complexity and focusing on the creation of a minimalistic image.”

One such image, an experimental print with sand and over painting , intended for the Nassau Club exhibition, was accepted into the New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts International Exhibition in Summit, N.J. With the Princeton Artists Alliance, Ms. Barth will be participating in the upcoming exhibition about the Pinelands at the Noyes Museum in March.

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2 Responses to Less is More

  1. Ilene, Joy Barth’s art is new to me, and fascinating. Love the idea of sand in the art! Sand calls forth art – perfect to be intrinsic to the work.

    Also happy to know about Princeton Artists Alliance at the Noyes in March. I knew it was upcoming, but didn’t know when.

    With all PAA’s cooperation with D&R Greenway Land Trust in nature exhibits, I can attest that PAA art belongs at the Noyes, on the hem of the Brigantine Wildlife Refuge.

    The Noyes and the Clark, in Williamstown, are two forms of paradise for me – I can birdwatch while looking at art!

    Thank you for this good news,

  2. I see your work is taking another turn, so simplified and expressive as always

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