Beauty of the Seasons

Thanksgiving kicks off this special time of the year when we look inside ourselves. As the light is dying outside, the candle still burns within us, and what a wonderful time of the year to be sentimental and view magnificent artwork that makes you cry. Certainly this painting “Nighthawk” by Charles R. Ross makes me cry. Maybe because it conveys so well the loneliness of winter.

The Coryell Gallery, 8 Coryell St., Lambertville, is presenting the work of Charles R. Ross and Michael Filipiak in its holiday exhibition running through Jan. 10, 2010.

A native of Phildelphia, Mr. Ross attended the Fleisher Art Memorial and the Philadelphia Museum College. After leaving the College of Art he studied with the renowned watercolorist and teacher, W.
Emerton Heitland who instilled in the artist a great love of watercolor.
The artist said “I have always been inspired by nature and its moods, so it has played an important roll in my painting. The bleakness of winter and the colors of autumn and the sight of the sea have continuously inspired me. For many years I have been drawn to the Delaware River Valley which represents the majority of my work.”

No wonder he makes me cry — that’s powerful!

Michael Filipiak, the other artist in this show, paints the countryside, rivers and canals of Hunterdon and Bucks County and the rugged coast of Maine which inspires his work in pastels, in all seasons. He seeks to capture nature in its ever changing state of light and color. Frank Handlin, distinguished marine painter of Kennebunkport, Maine was his teacher, mentor and friend who taught him the value of painting out doors. Mr. Filipiak often goes back to Maine where he captures the excitement of the water crashing on the rocks. Oh, wouldn’t I love to be in Maine now!

The Coryell Gallery at the Porkyard hours are Wednesday-Sunday, noon to 5.

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2 Responses to Beauty of the Seasons

  1. sightseer says:

    Great painting. Bucks county is such a beautiful place Some good sightseeing information is at

  2. Kay Ross says:

    Your comments about Charles were beautifully written and showed great insight. You made our day!

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