Happy Thanksgiving!

As I get ready to leave the office and start preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, I find myself enchanted by this photograph, “Sleepy Hollow” by Olga Sergyeyva. Fellow blogger Carolyn Edelmann sent this image to me with this note: I am sending, as promised, the stunning photography of Olga Sergyeyeva, (a) member of Princeton Photography Club which meets at D&R Greenway monthly.This art is part of our current exhibition at D&R Greenway, Seasons Greenings: The Gift of Nature.  Open to the public business hours, business days, One Preservation Place, Princeton.  Call 609-924-4646 to check on availability of gallery rooms.

Curious to know more about this artist, I went to her web site and found she is from Ukraine, born and raised there, a linguist and a technical translator.

Photography became a significant part of her life since her family moved to the U.S. in 1999.

Ms. Sergyeyeva considers herself lucky because she shares her passion for photography with her husband, Igor Svibilsky. His images are black and white and sepia-toned, and he spends long hours post-processing them.

They live in Central New Jersey and spend their weekends traveling around New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware, in search of those magic moments of perfect light.

I am glad, as I begin my celebration of this season of dying light and the warmth of the hearth indoors, that this image has been brought to my attention. It’s “the long and winding road to your door.”

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Dear Ilene,

    All of us at D&R Greenway so appreciate your writing of this very special artist in our midst, –Olga Sergyeyva. Her talents are spectacular, her persona low key. Olga is not one to ‘blow her own horn’, so I’m thriled that YOU did!

    She is a person of light, to be sure, as a human and as an artist.

    We are blessed to have her masterpieces and those of Igor, her equally brilliant husband, upon our walls for this sacred season.



  2. Maia Reim says:

    I always enjoy seeing Olga’s colorful and masterful imagery. Her works are full of joy and delight in the visual world.

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