Home for the Holidays

Pretty soon, when all the leaves have fallen and been raked, we’ll be hunkered down for the winter. Maybe we’ll have snow, maybe we won’t — but wouldn’t it be nice to be in a house like this one, surrounded by the white stuff, lit by a hearth that gives a glow at every window (no, those are not the insipid white plastic plug-in candles that you always trip over the cord).

Of course no real house can look as inviting as the one in Jerry Cable’s painting. The Stockton artist will host  “At Home for the Holidays” through Nov. 29 in his studio located at 3A South Main St., next to the Stockton Inn. “At Home for the Holidays” is a collection of paintings designed to stir the inner emotions of the viewer, according to Mr. Cable. Many of the paintings suggest a narrative that invites the viewer to recall their own memories of being at home for the holidays. The artist’s night landscapes glisten under a full moon as smoke rises from the chimney and candles illuminate the windows.

“Celebrating the holidays in 2009 is very different from the holidays I remember as a child”, say’s Mr. Cable. Families are so scattered these days and its difficult to be together for the holidays. Much of the work I do comes from my own longing to remember the past. I hope my work can provide the viewer a momentary respite and perhaps bring them together with a personal memory.”

One of Mr. Cable’s holiday traditions that began more than 40 years ago is making handmade Christmas cards. This month the artist will release his 2009 Christmas card. The original oil painting that
was chosen for this year’s artist edition Christmas card is titled “The Holidays” and will also be featured in the exhibit.

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