China Cuba Connection

In 71 – Fragments of a Dream, on view at the New Jersey State Museum through Nov, 24, photographer Maria Lau explores the connection between her Cuban and Chinese family. Born and raised in the Garden State, she came to photography after her initial studies in Latin American history and anthropology. She has been photographing Cuba since 1998 as an on-going project to document the Cuban lifestyle that she dreamt of, but that she could not be part of, as a child. In 71 – Fragments of a Dream she creates photographic images through a technique of in-camera double exposure. There is always an element of chance in the process; the photographer cannot know in advance of taking the exposures how the multiple images will line up in the picture frame – what will stand out, what new pairings will square off against each other. This technique allows Ms. Lau to explore the guesswork of personal identity as phenomena of multiplicity and chance – culturally, ethnically and nationally.

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2 Responses to China Cuba Connection

  1. maria lau says:

    Thank you for listing the exhibit, I hope you liked it.

    Best regards,

  2. Ilene Dube says:

    I LOVED it, Maria — thanks for visiting The Artful Blogger.

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