Monhegan Scenery

Stockton artist Jerry Cable recently returned from Maine and will host his second annual exhibit, Island Magic II, in his studio in Stockton, through Oct. 18. The exhibit will feature recent oil paintings of Monhegan Island and Coastal Maine. His summer studio is located in the art colony of Monhegan Island, 12 miles off the Maine coast.

The art colony of Monhegan Island has been beckoning to artists for decades. At the turn of the century American impressionists Edward Redfield, and Robert Henri were lured to this tiny island. Today it
remains an active art colony where painters, musicians, poets and authors come to gather in the creative milieu. “It is a place to reconnect with your inner spirit and refill your creative well”, says Mr. Cable.

For artists like Mr. Cable who make the pilgrimage each summer the island provides a perfect balance of visual stimulation, fellowship and artistic camaraderie. The island first called to Mr. Cable in 1981 and he has been drawing inspiration from it ever since. His studio is among the dozen or more working artist’s studios open to visitors.

Mr. Cable works both plein air and from his studio, which sits directly above the wharf. “We had a lot of rain and fog this summer so I spent more time inside and did many sketches from my attic window. I also experimented with some nocturnes of the lighthouse and other night views of the island”, he says.


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