Salon de Refuses

The “Salon de Refuses” at Riverrun Gallery in Lambertville has become something of a great local tradition. Initiated about 10 years ago, it  provides an opportunity for paintings not accepted at the prestigious Phillips Mill Show to be exhibited at the spacious Riverrun Gallery.

Gallery owner Ty Hodanish wanted to maintain this tradition, realizing that so many great works are rejected at Phillips Mill because of the sheer volume of entries.  So the Salon is a second chance to let everyone view some really great art.

Popular with both artists and the public, this year’s salon presents over 75 works in a broad range of subjects and styles.

The Salon runs through Oct. 18.  Riverrun Gallery is located at the Laceworks, 287 South Main St. (Rt. 29), Lambertville.  609-397-3349;

Pictured: “Black Boots” by Margie Milne

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One Response to Salon de Refuses

  1. Keith T. Dinsen says:

    Dear Ty:
    I think this is realy great. I plan on going to Phillips Mill on Saturday on the way to New Hope. I will try to stop off at Riverrun too. Ironicly I an working on a painting of Phillips Mill too. I am also going to New Hope to Side tracks gallery for Naked in New Hope. I understand that that show gets alot of rejects too due to volume.

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