Circular Thinking

One can only imagine the fun Mary Bundy and Tom George (see post) must have together, traveling to the Southwest and Maine and painting their magnificent colorful works, often with a circle (as in the sun) as a theme.

The Gallery at Chapin will feature the paintings of Mary Bundy in an exhibit entitled “Personal Landscapes” Oct. 1-30,  with a reception for the artist Oct. 7, 5-7 p.m.

The landscapes in this show are of the Southwest and Maine.  Ms. Bundy first went to the Southwest in 2003, and said she was “stunned by the vast sweep of the land and mountains, the brilliance of the sun, the dry air, the dry hard soil and strong color. It was unlike anything I had seen before.  There is a haunting aspect to it as though man’s presence was very incidental, and would leave very little imprint. A second trip there left me with much to work from and with feelings and memories to express.”

Since then two trips to Maine have introduced to her a landscape of striking contrast to the Southwest. Castine, on Penobscot Bay, is a much softer landscape.  “Castine is cool and quiet, with peaceful inlets, little bays and promontories, and a wonderful natural harbor that has given reason for its being one of the oldest communities in North America,” says Ms. Bundy. “The midday sun rather washes out the color but, in the late afternoon, clouds often come in making the conditions for spectacular sunsets. For about two hours most evenings one can see the setting sun reflecting on different cloud formations and bodies of water making patterns and colors that all meld together. I am absorbed trying to put on paper what I feel in these different landscapes. Though the contrast is strong, I have discovered they share rhythms and forms, qualities of mood and color, which must carry through the picture to make it individual and alive. ”

Ms. Bundy works with pastels. “The medium of pastel has always appealed to me,” she says. “It is rich and soft, and colors can blend without losing their vividness. There are not many people whose work in pastel I really admire. Degas is, of course, the master. I am trying to simplify my landscapes, catching the larger patterns, the unity of color as well as the mood and atmosphere. It is a question of letting go of the literal image and expressing what I feel about the image in a personal language of my own.”

A professional artist for more than 20 years, Ms. Bundy’s work has been exhibited throughout Mercer and Hunterdon counties, and she has participated in numerous juried shows as well as several solo shows.
In addition to the artist reception, the “Personal Landscapes “exhibit can be viewed during school hours or by appointment by calling (609) 924-7206.  Chapin School is located at 4101 Princeton Pike, Princeton, NJ.

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