Combat Paper Project

Combat Paper Project will be conducting an evening of readings and performances  Aug. 28, 8 p.m., at RAGO auction house, on Cherry Street between Main and North Union streets, Lambertville.

The Combat Paper Project is a collaboration between military service members, survivors of conflict and citizens. Taking uniforms that were worn in conflict, the participants deconstruct, pulp and create handmade paper from the fibers of their old uniforms. The paper is then used in printmaking, bookbinding and journals. In this way a transformative process occurs, creating a new relationship with the former uniform as well as utilizing creative mediums to convey the complexities of militarism, the military experience and broaden the traditional narrative around service and sacrifice. Works from the Combat Paper Project will also be on display.

Here is a related article from the Army Times:

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1 Response to Combat Paper Project

  1. I went to hear the talk and it was informative and heartbreaking, and hopeful, as to see what is being done, grass roots to help the Iraq veterans, by a veteran of that war, as well as from other wars, makes one have faith in the human race, the people, but the powers that be are letting them down. It certainly was different hearing the truth from someone who participated in this war. The news on the TV is desensitizing at best. Making paper, making art, writing on the paper you make, making a book a journal from the uniform you wore. That is real, that is healing. Go to the website and see for yourself.

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