His and Hers

The Cranbury Station Art Gallery will be hosting a  photography exhibit. “One Camera, Four Eyes.” Bebe Neuwirth and her husband, Christopher Calkins, have joined forces to produce a body of work spotlighting venues, objects and people. All the photographs have been shot with one camera and were filtered through the individual vision each of the pair brought to the subject.  The opening reception will take place Sept. 17,  6-8 p.m. The exhibit will be on view until Oct. 17.

Chris Calkins, born in 1949 in Eugene, Oregon, comes naturally to the art of photography, growing up as he did the son of Carroll Calkins, an aerial photographer (over France) during World War II. “My father taught me to look in order to see,” says Chris, who in addition to being influenced by his father’s careers in photography and journalism, assisted commercial photographer Peter Vaith in New York City during the late 1960s.

Mr. Calkins has maintained a balance between art and business, drawing on his years of running a specialty coffee business in San Francisco, and subsequently becoming a vintner with the award-winning Destino Wines, located in Napa Valley. He runs the Calkins Group, a wine and coffee consulting business based in Napa Valley and New York City.

Bebe Neuwirth, a Princeton native, is known to audiences worldwide as an award-winning dancer, singer and actress, performing on stage, screen and television since her childhood in Princeton. Two-time Tony Award winner for her Broadway work, she is also a two-time Emmy Award winner for her role of Lilith on TV’s Cheers.

She is a vice-president of the Actor’s Fund in New York City and a founder of the Dancer’s Resource, a branch of the Actor’s Fund, which helps dancers in need of assistance.  As an artist Ms. Neuwirth has sold her pottery, dance paintings, and photographs.

Cranbury Station Gallery is located in Palmer Square, Princeton. 609.921.2853.

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2 Responses to His and Hers

  1. Ms. Neuwirth’s multiple talents are so impressive; I never knew about this aspect of her creativity!

  2. Ilene, thank you for opening our eyes, yet again, to the talent in our midst! That photo of the child at the pier is so compelling. I agree with Faith – Babe Neuwirth possesses a kaleidoscope of talents. I’d like to see the photographs of Carroll Calkins from World War II – we are supposed to remember those ‘wars to end all wars…’


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