The Farms of Hunterdon County

Recently, while attending my younger son’s graduation from Oberlin College, I learned it is now socially acceptable to say you want to be a farmer as your career. In my high school yearbook — I’m not even going to tell you how long ago that was, but yes, it was the 60s — I wrote “farmer” as the occupation to which I aspired. In the picture I wore overalls and a flannel shirt. And I became a laughing stock.

To this day, I dream of living on a farm, and it would be just like this pastorale scene Jerry Cable has painted.

The Stockton artist  will host an exhibit of “Fresh Paint” at his studio at 3A South Main St. next to the Stockton Inn June 6-28. The exhibit will feature recent oil paintings of Hunterdon and Bucks counties as well as new spring still
life paintings.

For more than a year artist Jerry Cable has been welcoming visitors to his studio nestled along the banks
of the Delaware River in a refurbished stone barn. Both the artist and his studio are part of an artistic
legacy that has enriched the Delaware Valley for decades. Mr. Cable,  who has been busy producing new work,
defines the studio as his sanctuary. “Its such a great environment in which to paint and when I want to
take a break I can enjoy a stroll along the river.”

The artist says fall and winter are his most inspiring
seasons to paint. “I love to watch the changing nuances of light on the baren landscape. Even on a cold
cloudy day the winter light is extraordinary”.

In this most recent body of work Cable continues to explore
the content of light as the seasons change. “Once the leaves fall and the november light kicks in I really
get inspired and that feeling stays with me until late spring when the leaves mask everything again.”;

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One Response to The Farms of Hunterdon County

  1. Dorothy Lee says:

    Hunterdon County is indeed a beautiful place. there is no place like it. I return and visit often. I still love the place.I is so beautiful in all seasons.

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