Miracle on the Hudson

As summer approaches, and thoughts turn to being “down the shore,” East Windsor artist Daniel Thomas brings a beautiful array  of shore-inspired paintings to the Gallery at Plainsboro Public Library.  A visit to the show of watercolors between June 1-30 promises to transport viewers  directly to the soft waves and fresh air of the shore.

Mr. Thomas is a self-taught artist who focuses on landscapes in watercolor and conte crayon. His  interest in art began in London at 8 years old, drawing and painting for his school’s ornithological society.  Since his father was chaplain to the Queen,  Dan gained access to the grounds of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, where he sketched and painted.  He also spent time in Berlin where he used pen and ink to capture the architecture of the city.

Daniel moved to the US in 1993 and lives with his three children. The artist’s works reflect his love of the Welsh landscape where he was born, coastal scenes, birds and the countryside around his East Windsor home.

The changing seasons bring their own treasures. The earthy gold’s and red/browns of the autumn leaves, the stark vegetation of winter quickly transformed by fresh snow, and the vibrant greens of spring with renewed growth across the landscape. Mr. Thomas loves to capture all these different moods .

In addition to his shore inspired paintings, the show will display his painting capturing the “Miracle on the Hudson.”   The work, commemorating the extraordinary water landing earlier this year will be donated to the crew of flight 1549 in the fall.

The Gallery at Plainsboro Public Library is located in the Municipal Complex at 641 Plainsboro Road.  Open M & F 9-5:30; Tu-Thu 9-8:30; Sat & Sun 10-5.  For details and/or directions call 609-275-2897; http://www.lmxac.org/plainsboro

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