I Want to Live Here!

This is my dream house in Hopewell!

Amazingly, it’s not a photograph, but it was painted by Cranbury artist George Stave. An exhibit featuring his signature meticulous realist paintings, including this Hopewell interior, is at the Ruth Morpeth Gallery in Hopewell through June 16.

Mr.  Stave’s body of work comprises a range of genres including still life, landscape and
interiors, all united as exercises of light, color and composition.
In this show, two interiors of a Victorian-era Hopewell home perhaps most perfectly reflect his overlapping preoccupations with objects,
patterns, and the implication of a human presence or sensibility.

That third, vague element is nonetheless strongly felt, mediating between the objects themselves and the patterns they assume or are placed in — and is thus essential to the images’ success and eerie power.

The newest and most gorgeous expression of these interests, however, is four paintings in which sets of objects (obviously carefully chosen and arranged) sit as if for photographic portraits on and also against old quilts: In one, two pairs of opera glasses stand primly side by side against the passionate background of a richly colored crazy quilt; in another, a set of opaque and transparent bottles against a fan-patterned quilt with its own shell like opalescent background; and so on.

Mr. Stave was born in 1923 in Los Angeles and has lived in New Jersey since 1958. He has also lived and studied in Paris, New York and (on a Fulbright Grant,) India. In the early 1950’s he studied under Robert Motherwell at Hunter college. He has had three solo exhibitions in Manhattan, museum exhibitions include shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Newark Museum in 1981.

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4 Responses to I Want to Live Here!

  1. Susan Van Dongen says:

    I also love George Stave’s paintings of this house in Hopewell. Gorgeous. He must have tremendous patience to capture all those details. This is a very lovely show; and he is a treasure.
    PS: I am so curious to see and peruse all the newish blogs!

  2. Jack Dube says:

    There is a similar room divider in Boynton Beach where you can spend your time in the winter when you live in Huntington….. Dad

  3. Pat Jones says:

    I recently purchased a George Stave painting entitled
    Blairztown or Blairstown painted in 1977. It is a picture of a home with beautiful surrounding. I would like to find out some information about. Can someone please tell me where or whom I should contact. Thank you.

  4. Jenny Keeley says:

    I am searching for a George Stave painting entitled “Salt Flats in Moss Landing”. It was last known to be in Salinas, Ca. in the 50’s. Any help or info would be appreciated.

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