New Moon

I’ve written about full moons, golden moons and blue moons, but here’s an entirely new take on the moon, Jesús Moroles’ “Black Moonscape.”  Grounds For Sculpture’s Spring/Summer Exhibition 2009, on view May 10 through Sept. 29, features the work of sculptors Jesús Moroles and Steve Madsen. New additions outdoors in the sculpture park include works by Dan Namingha and Arlo Namingha.

Jesús Moroles is the recent recipient of the prestigious 2008 National Medal of Arts, presented by former President Bush for his “enduring achievements as a sculptor of stone.” Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and educated at North Texas State University, Mr. Moroles lives and works in Rockport, Texas. After returning from a year of studio work in Italy in 1980, Moroles commenced to make the body of work for which he is now widely known. To date, Mr. Moroles’ work has been included in more than 130 one-person exhibitions and more 200 group exhibitions. His large-scale works are sited in China, Egypt, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the United States.

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1 Response to New Moon

  1. Ilene, how delightful. To have us consider the essence of moon, without light, without color and to experience its power anyway! Thank you so much.

    I’ll be at Grounds for Sculpture for Cool Women Poets on May 17th at 3, so I’ll be sure to allow time not only for gastronomy, but above all for sculpture itself!

    Thanks for keeping us all on our artistic toes.


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