City of Dreams

One of my best fantasies is of living in Lambertville. (I also dream of living in a cottage in Maine, but we’ll talk about that elsewhere.) I’d live in a Victorian in Lambertville, maybe even along the towpath, and have a magnificent garden. One of the many wonderful things about gardening in Lambertville is, no deer and no groundhogs! Plus I’d be surrounded by artists and I’d eat Thai food for dinner every night.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy Robert DeChico’s image of Lambertville’s City Hall, left. You can see Mr. DeChico’s A Celebration of the River Towns, his photographic impressions of Lambertville and its surroundings, at Buck’s Expresso Cafe, 25 Bridge St., Lambertville,  through April 30 (open daily from 6:30 a.m.) And yeah, if I lived there, I’d been hanging out at the Expresso Cafe A LOT!

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1 Response to City of Dreams

  1. Joe says:

    But then you’d have hundreds of people wandering in your magnificent garden on the annual Hidden Gardens of Lambertville tour. Actually, that sounds like fun, once a year!

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