Kids Help Kids

Looking at my newborn grandson — he is the little Buddha — I believe that children come into this world all knowing, and life is a process of forgetting that perfect wisdom.

OK, that does sound pretty negative, but certainly children are the best artists among us. They have no fears when it comes to expressing themselves and can render their dreams and visions pure. They also are unafraid to use color in wonderful combinations. Matisse, Picasso, Paul Klee, Miro and so many others found inspiration in the world of child artists.

Kids Earth Fund, based in Rosemont, NJ, is an International organization that provides support for children who suffer from the effects of poverty, war, and environmental disasters.  Since it’s beginning, in 1988, Kids Earth Fund has provided worldwide donations of food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and educational and art materials to more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.  In the past ten years, they have also built seven homes for children who have been orphaned, become homeless, or have been born with HIV.

Kids Earth Fund raises money for children by reproducing children’s artwork for calendars, note cards, and other marketable products.  They also sell beautiful digital and giclee prints of children’s artwork from around the world to corporations, small businesses, and individuals.

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1 Response to Kids Help Kids

  1. Kate Somers says:

    ok Ilene, I know your new grandson is surely gifted but that’s just too sophisticated for a (less than) one month old baby.
    (Kids Earth Fund sounds great!!)

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