Piece by Piece

A solo exhibition of contemporary fine art mosaics by Skillman, New Jersey, artist Rhonda Heisler is on view at Princeton
University, in the offices of the Program in the Study of Women and Gender, 113 Dickinson Hall, through April 30th. (Mon.- Fri. 9:30 am- 4 pm; 609-258-5430.)

Just as a painter fashions an image one brushstroke at a
time, Rhonda Heisler creates the mosaic surface one tessera (tile)
at a time, unit by unit, likening the process to painting in
glass. Some of her mosaics are figurative or representational;
others are pure abstraction.

Materials include hand-cut opaque and iridescent stained glass, mirrored
metallic glass, and organics. She works spontaneously
and expressively, trimming and fitting the glass as she
builds the surface, creating a complex interplay of luminous
color, shape, pattern, and texture.

“The special quality of a mosaic is the interplay between
the individual tiles and the composition as a whole,” she
notes. “Mosaics invite close-up inspection, and you can
lose yourself in the tiny details of the work. Then you draw
back and the full composition comes into focus. It is this
interplay, this tension, that opens up a universe of
expressive possibilities and makes mosaic art dynamic
and fascinating.

“People familiar with ecclesiastical mosaics or classical
mosaics seen on travels to ancient sites may be surprised
to learn that mosaic work is experiencing a significant
revival in this country and abroad,” says Ms. Heisler, an officer in the Society of American Mosaic Artists, a group composed
of more than 1,100 member-artists.

“Mosaic art is durable, exciting, and timeless,” says Ms. Heisler, “a perfect combination of Old World craftsmanship and cool,
contemporary sensibility. For the collector of fine art glass, mosaics represent a new way to appreciate this fascinating material
in a two-dimensional application.”

Pictured above: “Sukkothai.” http://www.rhondaheislermosaicart.com.

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1 Response to Piece by Piece

  1. What beautiful work. I’ll try and get over there to see the show.
    Congratulations to Rhonda Heisler.

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