Lilliput: Tiny art for big people

If you saw the movie Synecdoche, New York, you will recall the artwork created by Adele, the ex-wife of Caden Cotard, a theater director and the main character played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. She specializes in tiny little paintings that can only be seen under a magnifying glass — and indeed she needs a magnifying glass to create them. There’s a funny scene at her opening, where everyone holds up a magnifying glass to see the work. Adele ultimately leaves Caden for an art career in Berlin.

The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University is seeking submissions for “Lilliput,” a group exhibition curated by Jeanne Brasile and Asha Ganpat. Open to all artists working in any media (including installation, video and sound art), the exhibition will include art which is unable to be properly viewed with the naked eye and requires a magnification tool. Artists may propose to include own magnification tool. All two-dimensional work should be no larger than 1.5 x 1.5 inches including frame, three-dimensional artwork no larger than 1.5 in length, width or height. Artists will be required to provide their own technology (ispeakers, monitors, i-pods, etc).

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1 Response to Lilliput: Tiny art for big people

  1. Just saw this. Am a NY based artist interested in video installations. Have just finished one that would be perfect. Is this over now?

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