Re-igniting the old flame

Donald Margulies’ play Sight Unseen, at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick through Feb. 15, examines the struggles of an artist who doesn’t quite understand his own extraordinary success.

Jonathan Waxman, the artist, has achieved commercial and critical success. He is a rock-star of the modern art world, but there seems to be something missing in both his life and work.  As the play travels back and forth through time, Jonathan’s voyage of discovery leads him to his former lover, the subject of a rediscovered student painting in which the older Jonathan finds something that has been missing in his later work. (Pictured at left is “Contact” by Cynthia Yurcisin.)

In conjunction with the production of Mr. Margulies’ play, GSP has invited Collaborative Arts to install an exhibition reflecting the work of former and current student artists, many of which have strong ties to Mason Gross School of the Arts and the New Brunswick community.

The exhibition explores style and color, with an emphasis on the young artist’s voice. The artists included in this exhibition are Kaitlin Deering, Robert Mermet, Danielle Ramirez, Jon Sykes, Marie Nyguist, Elizabeth Santana, and Cynthia Yurcisin. As with the Sight Unseen’s character, these artists struggle with issues of identity, authorship and artistic integrity.

The exhibit is installed in the Playhouse’s Cabaret gallery space, and will remain throughout the run of Sight Unseen (Feb. 15).  The exhibit will be available for viewing during regular box office hours, as well as in conjunction with performances.  A Meet-The-Artist reception will take place following the Jan. 30 performance.  Admission to the exhibition is free. For ticket prices and box office hours, see  9 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick.

Based in New Brunswick, Collaborative Arts has a vision of a shared experience between artists and their community that not only creates opportunities for artists but that also encourages forward-thinking art practices. The composition of coLAB Arts is made through a combination of artists, a public with common interests, and a team that is committed to building a community of creativity.  A goal of coLAB Arts is to not single-handedly operate projects of its own design, but to focus on cultural and artistic interests of the community while remaining true to the principal that art finds its own direction and artists are faced with their individual concerns that are reflective and progressive to the community to which these artists live and work in.

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