Never Have I Felt So Alone…

…as when I viewed these two images that are part of an exhibit at the Peddie School’s Mariboe Gallery through Jan. 3, 2009. (The opening reception and gallery talk for José Ruiz: Soledad and Nick Guilbert: Quanta will take place on Dec. 12, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. )

In his photographic works, Nick Guilbert looks for bold lines and vivid colors: shadows, contrasts, light “at play.”  He favors juxtapositions that puzzle or amuse, visual riddles that take familiar scenes and render them temporarily unfamiliar by accidents of location or environment, like a commuter who both is and isn’t there, a day at the beach in nearly pitch-black skies, or a Currier & Ives autumnal scene from inside a Las Vegas casino.  His work is also informed by his training as a physicist, especially in how light interacts with matter: reflection, refraction, polarization, and scattering.

José Ruiz’s digital pictures are meditations on loneliness, and how the absence of another’s company can alter one’s self-perception.  All his subjects are isolated in specific moments, creating an opportunity for reflection as analyzed under two different aspects: loneliness in social contexts and loneliness in isolation.

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2 Responses to Never Have I Felt So Alone…

  1. Well, contrary to the world’s view, Ilene, to this poet, alone is good. I can’t wait to see this exhibit – and will go with one of my D&R Greenway Willing Hands members and strong friend now, Kathy Orchen – who lives over near this school. I think the world needs to be introduced to the blessings of solitude, and these images go a long way toward that vision. Thank you so much! Carolyn

  2. I agree with Carolyn that solitude is a wonderful and desirable state to pursue. Rarely do I show people in my images. I’ll try and see the exhibit.
    Thanks to you, Ilene, we, who read your blog, are so well informed of what’s going on in the art world.
    Thank you.

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