Animal Attraction

I’ve never been a big domestic animal person. I’ve always believed animals should be free to live in their natural environments. Mean mommy that I was, I never allowed my children to keep pets. But Justin, my 25-year-old son who lives in Maine, is now the proud papa of a Walker Hound. For Thanksgiving, he and Manon came with Pippin, who is almost as large as a small horse.

Justin took Pippin for a walk in Mercer County Park every day of the visit. And every day, Pippin bolted, taking off after deer. That’s what dog happiness is all about: Chasing deer in the woods, jumping in the stream, getting muddy, then shaking it all off on your master’s mama.

Fortunately, the artist Bea Bork has a much healthier attitude toward animals than I do. The acclaimed watercolorist  focuses primarily on animals and their habitat, and her solo exhibit, Animal Attraction, is on view at the Queenstown Gallery in Hopewell through January 10.

“There is no verbal statement that could possibly convey just how much inspiration the natural world brings me,” says Ms. Bork. “Each subject and condition in itself is unique. My passion is fulfilled through creating art, an interpretation of my deep gratitude for the earth we all share.”

Raised in Hunterdon County, Ms. Bork has been honored with a juried membership into the Society of Animal Artists and was the recipient of the prestigious Don Eckelberry Award in 2004.  In 2007, Bork was chosen as a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s 24th Annual Art Competition, Animal Art category. Her work has shown in museums across the nation, been reproduced in leading wildlife publications, and is in private collections throughout the world.

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One Response to Animal Attraction

  1. Dear Ilene,

    You are so right about the excellence and liveliness of Beatrice Bork! Her work was among the most favored in D&R Greenway’s “It’s a Bird’s Life” Art Exhibition last year. Beatrice honors the wildness in the animals she re-creates that I find not only remarkable, but essential…

    I make pilgrimages to the Queenstown Gallery in Hopewell literally to “revisit” Beatrice Bork’s art.

    I took a giclee print of one of her cardinals to my brother-in-law last year, –in what we did not realize were his last days. He loved it, enthroned the bird immediately on the mantle, mirroring real male cardinals hopping around in interminable Chicago snow and sleet just outside the family room door.

    Bill’s cardinal, –Beatrice’s cardinal, continues to bless my sister, his widow, as she moves into these fraught milestones…

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