Acid Rain

“Integrity of the work is important to me,” writes Joanne Amantea. “Each layer has a color, texture and personality of its own, influencing my choice of the next layer, and ultimately changing the way the viewer will perceive the completed work.” Her painting “Acid Rain” is pictured at left.

Ms. Amantea was among 18 prize winners awarded by the Garden State Watercolor Society for an exhibit at the D&R Greenway Land Trust’s Johnson Education Center,  A Brush With Nature, open weekdays through Jan. 9.

“This exhibit shows the breadth of expression available to watermedia artists,” comments GSWS President Ruth A. Kaufman.  “The intense connection that our artists have with the natural world is clearly conveyed in the chosen work.”

A Brush With Nature” presents the works of 50  members of the Garden State Watercolor Society – from still life through landscape, many painted en plein air.

Most important, 35 percent of the price of the artwork supports D&R Greenway’s land preservation and stewardship mission.

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4 Responses to Acid Rain

  1. Dear Ilene,

    Thank you for honoring Joanne’s haunting evocation of a very real problem in our environment, “Acid Rain”, as well as for directing readers to D&R Greenway (One Preservation Place) during business days to see the broad range of evocative art there installed on our 1900’s barn walls…

    Especially pleased that you say, “Most important” re the 35% of each work’s cost which comes to D&R Greenway to speed us on our way to our next 10,000 preserved acres!

    So appreciative! Carolyn (Foote Edelmann)

  2. Joanne Amantea says:

    Dear Ilene,

    Thank you so much for featuring me on The Artful Blogger website. It was a wonderful surprise to be accepted in to this year’s GSWS annual show and the extra added bonus of your interest in my painting. I sometimes plan ahead a broad idea of where I want to go with a painting. When I began workng on Acid Rain, my initial intention was quite different, more along the lines something simple and conceptual about the chaos of nature. As I was building and blending colors using various techniques, the painting began to evolve into an idea the represented not the chaos of nature but rather how nature can be hurt by the envoirnment. If we could see acid rain fall in colors this is how it would look to me.

    Thanks again and happy holidays

    Joanne Amantea

  3. Daniel says:

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