Wearable Art

West Windsor artist Lenora Kandiner’s PolyPeople are just plain fun, and that’s something we could all use a bit more of now. Ms. Kandiner will exhibit and sell her PolyPeople and polymer clay jewelry and works of art at Crafters Marketplace Nov. 22 and 23.

In addition to the PolyPeople, she makes what she calls “wearable landscapes” — these look like little miniature paintings, but are actually created using a technique derived from Venetian millefiore, where the landscape is built up from multiple colors of clay and shading and then each slice creates an image.

Ms. Kandiner also makes compact mirrors, pens and pencils and lifetime nail files.

The self-described “color junkie” has been working in polymer clay since 1991, when she accidentally walked down the polymer clay aisle in an art supply store. While recovering from four surgeries in six months in 1998, Lenora began working intensively with polymer clay. She created the first PolyPeople and decreed that her purpose in life was to make people smile.

PolyPeople have since become wearable dolls, and PolyCats and PolyAngels have been sold in several galleries across the country.  She also created a group of pins called “many faces of breast cancer” which she sells to benefit the Breast Cancer Resource Center at the Princeton YWCA.

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