More Winter Wonder

This amazingly snowy scene by James Redding will be auctioned off for the  Bucks County Chapter of Fox Chase Cancer Center’s 12th Annual Holiday Art Exhibition and Sale Nov. 23 at the New Hope Eagle Fire Hall in New Hope, Pa.

Based in Newtown, Pa., James Redding is well known for the detail and realism in his watercolor depictions of historic landmarks. “I truly enjoy painting these buildings because of the opportunity it affords me to be a part of the conservation of these historical treasures,” says the artist.

Mr. Redding’s paintings reflect his keen perception of the subject matter he chooses: “Many times when I begin a new work, I can envision the completed picture before the first brush stroke. I usually research the scene long before I make the decision to paint it.”

His recent subject matter includes scenes of the Bucks County countryside. Describing his painting titled “Serenity,” he says: “This piece took shape in the soft light of a dewy morning when I stumbled across a lovely scene on a country road. I knew immediately that I had to paint the scene in front of me. I have found that some of the most inspiring times of the day for a landscape artist are dawn and dusk.”

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1 Response to More Winter Wonder

  1. Don’t know why, but these wintry scenes pull me in in a way that other seasonal work doesn’t. Maybe it’s the idea of getting into the house or building pictured, thinking there’ll be a cozy fire and a cup of cocoa waiting?

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