Here’s one of Sally Stang’s amazing collages. She had one for sale at last year’s Cabin Fever Cabaret for the West Windsor Arts Council, and there was another she just put in the mail and sent to Martha Stewart — and Martha never even sent a thank-you note. Sally Stang is a true Renaissance woman — she sings, makes jewelry, cartoons, acts, and is incredibly funny. She did a wonderful stand-up routine for the Dangerous Women Cabaret at Mercer County College last year.

The collage pictured will be part of Transformations, an art and craft fair to be held at the Hopewell Train Station Nov. 7-9. The camaraderie of artists cannot be underestimated. The Transformations artist group has been meeting and selling their work together for 35 years.  Some of the names and faces may have changed over the years, but their efforts to provide quality craft and art to the public have not.

Connie Bracci McIndoe, one of the original Transformation artists, remembers when the sale was held at the University Book store in downtown Princeton. The sale ran for 25 years at this location. In 2002, after a number of venue changes, the group found the Hopewell Train Station as its new home.

This year’s show will feature jewelry, glass, ceramics, fiber arts, paintings, baskets, elegant boxes and Coptic bound journals in addition to other fine arts and crafts items.

The 14 Transformations artists are Connie and Ken McIndoe of Hopewell, Susan Nadelson of Kingwood Township, Sally Stang of Lambertville , Christine Rist of Princeton , Martha Mulford-Dreswick of Flemington , Liz Mitchell of Pittstown, Leyla Spencer of Lambertville, Piroska Toth of Princeton, Gail Trautz of Hamilton Township, Annelies Von Dommelen of Lambertville , George Wagner of Hopewell, Richard Smith of Rieglesville, Pa.,  and Ellie Wyeth of Skillman.

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  1. Annelies says:

    Thanks for publishing this information about the show. It is a high quality craft and artisans show and sale and a great place to buy locally, from working artists and something that will last into the future for a loved one, not something that will show up at the yard sale next year. My parents always bought me presents “One good thing”, as a child I did not always appreciate the antique silver bracelet or the beautiful handmade box but I still have them, along with the memories of who gave them to me. Now that is a gift. Annelies

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