Round and Round

This past summer, I took a wonderful bike trip from the Czech Republic to Bavaria and Austria. I shot 500 pictures and put together a slide show using the Ken Burns effect on my Mac. Then, unexpectedly, the hard drive failed and I lost everything, including these photos. (You can, however, read about the trip and see a few images in an upcoming edition of TIMEOFF.)

Fay Sciarra, on the other hand, not only took photos on her trips to France and Maine, but made paintings and collages from her images — so after I drown in my own sorrow, I can revel in her marvelous colors and patterns. Pictured here, “Il de Re,” is from a carousel she saw on an island off the coast of France. The large painting is a mixed media collage with vintage crepe paper nymphs, pieces from old Valentines and other ephemera.  “It’s a symbol of carefree childhood, fleeting as a dream,” she writes. Her exhibit In the Now: Work on canvas, glass and found object, will be at the Gallery at Chapin Nov. 10-Dec. 12.

“I chose the title ‘In the Now’ because it is a Buddhist teaching I try to follow,” she writes. “Rather than swirl around in past regrets or fear about the future, the Buddhist wisdom is to practice mindfulness, appreciate the gift of life in this moment, just as it is, without judgments.”

Ms. Sciarra, a former TV producer, began painting 13 years ago after her mother died and bequeathed her her paint brushes, hoping Ms. Sciarra would write and illustrate children’s books. Influenced by Betye Saar, Romare Bearden, Faith Ringgold, Marc Chagall, Robert Rauschenberg and Frida Kahlo, among others, she works in acrylic on canvas as well as found objects such as ironing boards, washboards, architectural salvage pieces and cupboard doors. They incorporate mixed media, as well as reverse painting on glass.

The self-taught artist and Lawrenceville resident has just begun showing her work in Santa Fe.

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1 Response to Round and Round

  1. Oh, Ilene, losing one’s photographs, especially from a far away location, is a photographer’s nightmare. You have my deep sympathies.
    So glad you haven’t given in to sorrow and are still writing about the trip. I look forward to your impressions of Austria and Bavaria.

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