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I am a long-time fan of Margaret O’Reilly, now the acting director of the State Museum of New Jersey in Trenton. I remember meeting her years and years ago when she came to my house to pick up a James Colavita sculpture I was lending to the James Colavita Retrospective. That exhibit, shortly after the artist’s untimely death, was held at Artworks, Rider University, Ellarslie, and  the State Museum.

For many years, Ms. O’Reilly was the curator of fine arts at the State Museum, and an integral part of the Trenton art world. What I love about this painting by Mel Leipzig, on view at the Nicholas F. Rizzo Fine Arts gallery in Chatham, is that it’s about the connections in the Trenton art world. Curators Tricia Fagan and Brian Hill are among some of Mr. Leipzig’s other numerous subjects.

I love the perspective of the staircase going down to the front door, the slate tiles of the roof seen outside Ms. O’Reilly’s window, the large sink-in sofa and chair with slipcovers and pillows and the artifacts of Ms. O’Reilly’s collection. I have a postcard of this image that has hung on my wall, seemingly forever, and so I feel like I know Ms. O’Reilly intimately.

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1 Response to Art World Interiors

  1. Henry Isaac says:

    In your entertainmrnt colum you review an ongoing exhibition of a guest photographer in the small room of Gallery 14 in Hopewell. No mention at all is made, however, of the equally current exhibition of photographs by Martha Weintraub, a well known regular member of the Gallery, in the main room of the Gallery.

    Why no mention?

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