Comfort of Friends

Harriet Wiseman‘s paintings are, at once, reminiscent of Amadeo Modigliani’s portraits, but Ms. Wiseman is very much of our time and her own mind. Self-taught, she paints people, mostly women, in a simple style, bejeweled, wearing brightly colored clothing with wild patterns, a la Matisse — but very much her own style. Remarkably, some of these are painted on old leather book jackets.

Where her characters are grouped, they are in interesting settings: Two men, one bespeckled, and a woman in a cafe; a crowd of finely dressed ladies waiting to get into the cinema; a family gathering around a table.

Her family, with its celebrations and generations, looks like a happy crowd to be with.

Ms. Wiseman, a Philadelphia resident, is in a group show at the Bucks Gallery of Fine Art in Newtown, Pa., through Nov. 4.

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One Response to Comfort of Friends

  1. Ilene, you find the most irresistible art for us! I’m determined to track down your Matisse-like artist in Newtown, Harriet Wiseman. Apart from her excellence, it’s an exquisite and easy drive over to Newtown which is really an OLD town! I am magnetized by the splendid pre-Revolutionary town, its historic signage, and the venerable Temperance House, in which to revel before or after the art. Sharp Pennsylvania light on those houses of other days, as well as the old library in the heart of town, could turn anyone into an artist. Thanks for always expanding our horizons!

    Your fellow blogger,

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