Out in the Pasture

Joe Kazimierczyk often paints on location, but he likes to bicycle around with his camera, making photographs from which to work.   He was cycling past River Lea Farm in Branchburg one day and stopped to photograph three cows in a field whose pose, as they spotted him, intrigued him. But before he knew it, every cow in sight started walking over to see what he was up to and he had a herd of 40 or 50 cows standing there looking at him.

“It was pretty weird but I got some great photographs,” he says.

Mr. Kazimierczyk paint landscapes, mostly within a 25 mile radius of his home in the Sourland Mountains. “There’s so much great scenery around here, I don’t feel the need to travel far to paint,” he says.  “I was glad when Jack Koppel  invited me to be part of the exhibit at the D&R Geenway (The Land That Feeds You through Nov. 7 in the Marie Matthews Gallery)  – I love painting the local farmland so much, it’s an honor to be part of an exhibit designed to help other people appreciate what farmland we still have left here.”

He also exhibits at the Artists’s Gallery and the des Champs Gallery in Lambertville, and the Queenstown Gallery at Hopewell.

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1 Response to Out in the Pasture

  1. Carolyn Foote Edelmann says:

    Dear Ilene and Joe,

    How delightful, this agrarian surprise today, taking me ‘upstairs and downstairs’ in our circa-1900’s restored barn, now appropriately filled with tractors, farms, fences, crops, other barns, and stock. I’m in love with cows in general, Joe’s work in particular. We are just delighted with this reminder to readers of the beauty to be experienced here and the urgency of saving all open space in NJ, but especially farmland

    Your fellow blogger, Carolyn Foote Edelmann
    Program and Outreach Associate, Arts Liaison
    D&R Greenway Land Trust
    One Preservation Place, Princeton 08540

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