It’s Ba-a-ack!

Remember the giant tooth, part of Sculpture Along the Way, from Sloan Avenue to Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton? It’s ba-a-ack!

The giant molar has returned, not far from where it had been extracted last year to participate in an international sculpture exhibition hosted in Florida.  The familiar piece has been reinstalled nearby on the south side of Sloan Avenue circa the entrance to the southbound I-295 and in front of the Congoleum building.

The aluminum tooth is by world-renowned sculptor J. Seward Johnson, known for his head-turning sculptures such as “The Awakening” (a 70-foot giant emerging from the earth) and the 25-foot-tall “Unconditional Surrender” which brings to life the VJ Day nurse and sailor kissing. Many people not otherwise interested in art know of Mr. Johnson for his street pieces such as the man on the bench reading the newspaper in Princeton.  There are also the bronze justices in the Trenton courthouse, the father teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle in Hamilton, and many works by Johnson in Grounds For Sculpture, such as the lady with curlers in her hair hanging out the window over Rats Restaurant.

“The Tooth” and 19 other large-scale sculptures line the roads and train tracks of Hamilton as a part of Sculpture Along the Way, a project dedicated to increasing public and community exposure to contemporary sculpture — and providing a visual way of leading up to the world-famous sculpture park.

Mr. Johnson was a founder of Grounds For Sculpture.  His words: “Art in public places draws people together, helps them communicate with one another, sharing sensibilities, humor and a sense of beauty.”

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2 Responses to It’s Ba-a-ack!

  1. Megan says:

    I was SO excited this weekend when I drove down Sloan Avenue and discovered that the tooth had returned to Hamilton!!! Better yet, they added a lifelike sculpture of two people staring up at the giant molar in wonderment. Welcome back!

  2. SueZen says:

    And aren’t there two “people” looking at the tooth now? I was on the way over to GFS last week and watched a little bit of the installation of the “people.” The “woman” was being lowered by a big crane and strap. It would have made a great picture.

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