The Chairs of Late Summer

Contemporary realist painter Frank DePascale hails from Philadelphia, where he is known for his urban scenes. For an exhibit at the Ruth Morpeth Gallery, 43 West Broad St., Hopewell, Sept. 20 – Oct. 18, his paintings were initially inspired by gardens. Mr. DePascale says, “Then it just evolved, as
things always do.”

The gardens are not always obvious in the paintings, but the gardener’s impulse behind them is clear.  Here, gardening is understood as a redemptive
labor, a passionate hope. Certainly his painting is. Among the paintings
are views from the Lambertville and Hopewell area.

One painting shows two chairs from another era, paint peeling in a way that forms an abstract canvas. The chairs are set in front of a red brick structure with a porch railing, amidst overgrown grass and weeds. These inanimate objects evoke, perhaps, an older couple, better for the wear. It is an optimistic view of the world.

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