In the Mood

des Champs Gallery in Lambertville will begin its fall season with Black and Gold, a collection of mood-filled paintings by Luiz Vilela. The exhibit  runs through Oct. 5.

Mr. Vilela’s oils have always been about mood, but these newest canvases make striking use of golden light and textured darkness to capture the essence of intricately rendered interiors, both exotic and familiar. The Black and Gold paintings are notable not only for their virtuosity, but for their riveting effect.  Art connoisseurs and novices alike may be transported back to an intimate Parisian street café or a leisurely evening in Lambertville at The Boathouse.
Recently, Mr. Vilela has been studying in Philadelphia at Studio Incamminati, the school founded by renowned portraitist and artist Nelson Shanks. This has further refined his already extensive art education enabling Mr. Vilela to produce some of his most atmospheric work to date.

Born in Brazil, Mr. Vilela was raised on his family’s coffee plantation where he developed his love of imagery and all forms of artistic expression.   This led him to pursue a degree in architecture and urbanism at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. While in college he began his graphics design career working for advertising agencies and designing sets for the theater. A career in book illustration followed. Wishing to broaden his artistic education he moved to New York City where he received a degree in illustration from Pratt Institute and subsequently joined the art department of Golden Books, and is now  a designer at Random House.

Pictured: Le Bistro Paris by Luiz Vilela.

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