Peace on Earth

Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, Pa., is an “interfaith community and peace site dedicated to celebrating diversity and honoring the spirit that connects all things, respecting all the world’s religions and the path of each individual,” according to its press releases. “Pebble Hill is a sanctuary; a place where mindfulness is cultivated and personal dignity is paramount. To that end, its gallery offers art exhibits promoting peace. The ever-changing artwork is considered the sanctuary’s “stained glass windows.”

“To respect and support our creative process and each individual’s spiritual journey are core beliefs.  By purposefully placing the arts in the center of the life and worship of our community, we honor the creative flow present within us all.”

The current Peace Show can be seen through Sept. 28 and is a way to amplify the call for peace voiced by families and friends of victims of Sept. 11. Causes include civil liberties, women’s rights, environmentalism, child soldiers, war/peace, Palestine, children’s art therapy, victims of hurricane Katrina and more. Twenty-five percent of sale prices goes to charities that support these causes.

Pictured: “Nothing to Kill or Die For” by Sam Wilson

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One Response to Peace on Earth

  1. Carolyn Foote Edelmann says:

    Dear Ilene,

    thank you profoundly for this day’s post

    I’d been longing to do something 9/11-related all month- so I can come on board here and appreciate this haunting image and its superb title, as a holy act of remembrance. How perfect to bring this to everyone at this sacred time!

    When I lived in New Hope (81-87), I had friends who belonged to Pebble Hill, and would often join them at events there. That place is far beyond a mere church in my experience. Pebble Hill holds some of the spirit of Glastonbury Tor, of Stonehenge and Avebury, Carnac, Cornwall, Brittany.

    Its people are amazing — whoever ‘comes and goes’ adds to the magic, yes, the holiness, the true holiness: not imposed, not collection-based, –very alive, from within. I imagine Pentecost must have felt like being at Pebble Hill.

    I am blessed by your reminder.

    Your fellow blogger (and it’s all your fault!)
    Carolyn Foote Edelmann (NJ WILD)

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