The Artist’s Eye

Marie Sturken is an art legend in the Princeton area. The octogenarian has been working in handmade paper since 1984 and continues to recycle, tear, distress, beat and give new life to fiber, creating new forms and ideas. She is an expert in combining the deliberate with the accidental, as she wrote about Minna Citron in her artist statement for 2007’s Dangerous Women 2 exhibit at The Gallery at Mercer County College. Recently she has been combining fabrics that are transparent, like silk organza, into her papers. “The way you use material gets people to look at it in a different way,” she says.

As a member of the Princeton Art Alliance, she is part of the exhibit The Artist’s Eye, in view at the Arts Council of Princeton Sept. 25 to Nov. 26. The exhibit includes 20 works of contemporary art in response to the Princeton University Art Museum‘s exhibit An Educated Eye. PAA artists selected a work from the PUAM’s permanent collection that they found particularly resonant and created a new work in response.  Participating PAA artists include:  Joanne Augustine, Hetty Baiz, Anita Benarde, Rajie Cook, Clem Fiori, Thomas Francisco, Carol Hanson, Shellie Jacobson, Magaret Kennard Johnson, Nancy Lee Kern, Lore Lindenfeld, Marsha Levin-Rojer, Charles McVicker, Lucy Mc Vicker, Ruane Miller, Harry Naar, Barbara Osterman, Madelaine Shellaby, Marie Sturken and Barbara Watts.

Pictured: Marie Sturken’s “Worldscape,” 2008

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